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Beer in review: Chicken Killer

In an effort to actually get myself to do regular posts on this blog, I’ve decided to do add a feature, in which I review beers.

First a little fact that may or may not be relevant: I have a beer bottle collection. It has gotten mildly ridiculous at 210 Bottles, but at this point it’s too more work to get rid of than it is to keep adding to it.¬† So the vicious cycle continues. A good number of the beers I review will come from that collection, but since I’ve got a few arbitrary rules that have kept the collection from taking over the entirety of the house, there will be some that didn’t make the cut that are worth reviewing.

In honor of last weekends Mike The Headless Chicken Day celebration (no really, it’s a real thing, see), I’m going to start off with Sante Fe Brewing’s Chicken Killer Barley Wine.

If the goal was to make a big beer, then it was met. This beer is about 10% abv, and all the flavors have plenty of heft.¬† This is defiantly a malt centered beer, with the caramel and toffee flavors leading the way, there’s some underlying dark fruit flavors, but over all it wasn’t as complex as I like my Barley Wines. It was probably¬† modeled after the original English Version of the style; hops play a supporting role. This was over all a solid beer, but nothing exceptional.


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