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The Bizzare and the Beautiful

On very rare occasions a muse takes a physical form. In this instance, I was making a batch of beer waffles, when she decided to incarnate herself as a layer of congealed fat.  You see, I added melted butter to cold beer, and sure enough exactly what my high-school level knowledge of physics said should happen  happened; I got a layer of butter fat floating on top of some slightly warmer beer.

I tasted it.

It was beautiful.

My theory is that the butter fat solids had separated out, and when they re-solidified the water that was trapped was contained beer flavor compounds (I have nothing to base that on, but seems right to me).

So, of course I spent the next several days trying to figure out a use for this “beer butter. ” The short list includes: compound butter for steaks, stout flavored butter cream frosting, and a great spread for grilled bread.

I had the opportunity to test the last one first, with a few augmentations.
Note: I used a whole beer because I was going to use it in a sauce later, you could just as easily use some smaller quantity.

12 oz. cold milk stout

1/2 Stick butter

1 Tbsp bacon grease

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1 loaf good crusty bread, cut into slices.

Melt butter and bacon grease and dump into beer.

Stick mixture in fridge for 30. min until a layer of grease has solidified on top, remove grease from beer.

Add garlic powder to grease, and whisk until creamy

Spread mixture on bread, place butter up on a grill until bottom is brown and grease is melted (2-3 min) then flip and leave for additional 1-2 min.



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